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I only play blitz(a three minute timed game) I am wondering is there some kind of cheat code at have lost lots of games where my opponent has like 10 seconds left and I have a minute but he keeps moving and the time seems to either run very slowly for them or stop.Happens often
Under settings, go to "Live Chess" and turn on "Enable Premoves"

This allows you to pre-move a piece on your opponents turn. So when it's your turn, your opponent has already locked in their next move, so it happens instantly with little or no time off the clock.

Useful in the endgame but also in standard play too. Like for example if you move a bishop out and it is protected by a pawn, you can pre-move that pawn to re-capture the protected bishop. If the opponent doesn't take, the pre-move is cancelled since it's an impossible move. But if they do, you insta-take back and waste zero time.

I used to play 3m all the time but started playing 1m a few months ago, pre-moving is essential there 😂
@tullamore i wouldn't recommend it from a pure return perspective. If you don't get enjoyment out of play it's got a decent chance of paying back zero.

@Vegas Dave the beta boosters are still in stock at Team Covenant, selling at MSRP. They're out of stock everywhere else but it's unclear if makers will reprint beta. If they reprint boosters prices will drop but it's a good sign that demand was strong. Most are hoping they have enough they held back to get through the first expansion (planned for this year) and then the print an unlimited set identical to beta but separate from a collectors perspective.

If you do get in and want to play I'm down to set up some games on tabletop simulator. If the player base doesn't grow its dead in the water.
Wasn't expecting any bonus at work but got a small one so I treated myself to one more box of Sorcery cards. I had opened two other boxes (they're $150/ea). My first pack and I pulled the most coveted rare (they call it unique) of the set as a foil. Worth a cool 1k.

Sell now or hold until it goes to 0 or 50,000?

Don't do like me with Bitcoin

I coulda been somebody, I coulda been a contender
Lots of poor sports in the chess world,instead of resigning a lot of players just don’t move and make you wait out the clock.I have class,I always concede if I am gonna lose!