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fuck - the sandinistas hated him

central american politics and history needs to be taught more

there are a lot of lessons to be learned
did you see narcos mexico? season 2 when diego luna gets flown down to nicaragua to negotiate a narco deal with the cia, the cia was funding the Contras guerrilla with narco money to fight the Sandinistas after they blew up Somoza and took control of the country

the cia distributed pez to the negroes in LA and Reagan knew about it
shockingly have not watched narcos.

i will.

left or right in the usa, we have been fucking central america for decades.
one of the hardest things for me is to realize my age

i go to the gym, work out like i am in my early 30's - then sore af

take an extra day off

rinse repeat
Have you tried L-glutamine supplements kato-san? I find that they help a lot with soreness/recovery
Had a decent crash a few hours ago on the bike. First one since the train wreck crash in 2019.

bike crash 1
it was about 2 miles into my ride.

toughed it out Tour de France style and rode another 18 miles after composing myself and squirting some water in the cuts. NO BROKEN BONES gonna be sore tomorrow.

This is the leg when I got home

bike crash leg injury
It’s customary among bike riders to send photos of injuries to each other when you eat it. So I’m sticking my leg out and taking a picture of it.

We had to go buy band aids that cover more than finger cuts.
Decent spill there, tronner.

How long you estimate the heal time is?

That’s the first thing I think about these days in regards to cuts/scrapes.

Miss being young, when anything would heal in a few days.