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Pushups 27/37/50
One Legged Squats/Calf Raises 27/37/50

Shady's back
Another set of the same except layed off the calf raises at the end, leg said chil.
Walked like ten miles yesterday and today. I had started pushups, crunches, leg raises, and bicep/tricep exercises at the recovery center, a lot of them I'll resume that tomorrow if my body, particular my AWESOME PENIS, is up to it.

I weight 198 now. Good but not great.

You know who lost 92 lbs the past three months?

92 pounds in 3 months?

That can’t be healthy pal
I'm getting back into running after almost a year off. My cardio is a lot better than it was last year and my avg heart rate is lower for a similar effort even though I'm about 10lbs heavier. Feelsgoodman. I really need to lose the extra blubber though.

...he says, as he's gobbling down ketchup chips.

Pushups 27/37/52
Squats/Calf Raises 27/37/25
mirror mirror on the wall
Good work boys. Keep losing the bad stuff and gaining the good stuff! I'm hanging around 200 but getting stronger everywhere. Will be beginning my training for another half marathon in Miami in January. Probably need to get to 195 to do a sub 2:00 half marathon.
Starting another fast.

Have not eaten since 6pm Nov 14.

For record keeping purposes the fast started officially at 00:00 on Nov 15 - a true water only fast, no coffee or anything else.

Today is day one of seven. At day 7 we may decide to continue or re-feed.

Ultimately I'd like to try a 30 day water only fast.
the holidays will be a struggle for kato
Half kidding, but I gotta get back on the wagon. 198.8lbs this AM. I really wanna go below 175 for next racing season.