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got called at last minute to play for a softball team last night at 8:15. as expected, tweaked the short head of bicep femoris (hamstring) chasing after 1 of about 20 lasers in the right center gap.

I guess this will be a weekly ongoing thing to thwart my gym,biking, swimming and running progress.

we got mercy ruled 32-2 after 50 mins and 3 innings
T-1 boys

Legs are now hairless


I like tron's explanation . I thought it was to minimize potential gnarliness of road rash in case of a spill on the bike.

aerodynamics would be minimal as compared to swimmers id think.
Aerodynamics are a big reason, but yes the effect of shaving your legs is not big. It's just one of many aero marginal gains one can achieve for (almost) free. The big one is your riding position, but everything is a factor.

I did a few recon laps of the course on Wednesday, I averaged 21mph for what was about a 6/10 kind of effort. Fast course, which means the race will probably maintain a 25mph+ average. At that speed any aero gain is magnified quite a bit.

But yeah, below like 18mph any single aero thing you do is not very significant.

On that note, I need to poop and get ready. ✌️