Big Boys Club

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$24.99/ month here.

However, there’s a monthly fee and an annual fee and some other bullshit fees…

Fukk it! I’m in …
I just did 50 push ups …

I’m fukking spent …

A little skewed after a killer CrossFit workout and then a sweaty 4 mile run, but the least I've weighed in at in quite some time.


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Honeymoon period where you're hot and heavy. Check in again in 6mo, 12mo and 2yrs.
I’ve been working out for 27 years straight so this isn’t a honeymoon in that regard but if you mean the gym itself, ya I hear you. I will post annual updates. Haha
2k vertical over < 1mi. is serious business. I've done a couple 3k vertical day hikes but obviously much more gradual. Enjoy arch!
Hit a significant milestone this morning - 300W FTP (~ 1 hour power) on the bike. It's still not enough to win a beginner race but it's enough that I won't embarrass myself next month when I take the start of the Ontario Cup #1 road race.

LFG :stevie: