Anything that you eat today....journal it here!

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Pop tart, chocolate

Used tampon covered in period blood

Go tampons!!!!

The new pizza place at Rivers is damn good!
Some snow crab legs with good Cole slaw and cheap frozen fries. Love throwing the slaw together ourselves with the dressing.

Check out the price on the legs! MrM gets deals! It's like stealing .... now know how San Franciscans must feel. :yes:
Pop tart, new flavor called "your Mom's asshole"

Kinda nasty
Two Reese's Fast Breaks given to me by the fugly chick at work

That casino pizza backed me up, don't even have to have my mourning poop!!!!
Pop tart, s'mores flavor
Cup of dinosaur blood
Three Antlers
Road kill
Broken glass
A box of fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Rogejuror's skeleton
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Same as usual except went back to the shorti size BLT. Bought one for tomorrow too since we have our virtual tour of the Fairmount rental at lunch tomorrow. Cleaned out the cashews and pop tarts so today's total is $48.35. No crazy sexual stuff at Wawa today, for once.

Things got heated at work as I shot my empty iced tea container from a respectable distance into the garbage can and this cute black girl said gooood shottt. Obviously I'll be know for that here from here on out.
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Yeah but the fridge is stocked with pomegranate iced teas, pop tarts and cashews. I'm keeping stocked up on the products I love that they run out of and it's all on EBT except for the subs, so courtesy of the state of Pa.

God bless America.