Anything that you eat today....journal it here!

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Montreal seasoning I assume
lol no

It's a thinner, sweeter bagel than the NYC version. Typically covered in sesame seeds, it makes a huge mess as soon as you pick one up.
Rivers fried shrimp w fries

It's still bready, and kinda tough

But yeah it's not a million miles away from a donut
Two waffles with syrup

Pop tart (strawberry) and pomegranate Iced tea pending
Bloody Mary
Coffee w Baileys
2 eggs on a hard roll with bacon & sausage
Jalapeño Cheddar Potato Cakes
Rice Crispies Treat
The usual order, blt sub w extra bacon, Reese's cups, mixed nuts and iced teas. They were out of my favorite pomegranate iced teas so I got mango and green.

The vending machine at work ran out of pop tarts but Wawa had them so I bombed TEN OF THEM on my ebt card. TEN OF THEM! Excited about the s'mores flavor which I haven't tried.

I am the pop tart KING.
3.5 liters of blue Gatorade
8 Great Value chocolate chip granola bars
Chinese leftovers
Bacon grilled cheese (x2)
More Chinese leftovers
Ice cream cake

I burned (and most likely ate) close to 10,000 calories over the last 48 hours.

711 kabob. Had a nice level of spice to it.
I’ve been fucking around with stone dust all day. I’m covered in it. My Wendy’s lunch tasted like chalk. Hopefully the noodle bowl I’m cooking taste normal
Pop tart, s'mores flavored - best yet
Same order as usual but the Pomegranate iced teas were back so I bought out those and the mixed nuts.

Done fucking around.
Ah, he brought it to another thread, despite the wishes of our beloved Teela and Casper.