Anything that you eat today....journal it here!

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Is it beloved Teela and Casper or are both Cssper and I beloved? I'm asking for purely petty reasons, no scientific purpose.
Same lunch order as usual except bought 4 pomegranate Iced teas. They were restocked, which is encouraging.

They didn't restock the mixed nuts which is fucked up, might have to switch to the cashews.
Same order as usual for the agreed upon $16.04 total.

Things got crazy because I wanted the beef quesadilla but it was no longer on the menu. The semicute Mexican girl came around and tried to find it on the machine, but to no avail. I said "you've got a great ass" and she grabbed my dick and whispered "oh yeah? Why don't you give it to me doggy style in the back room" and 'I said I'm on lunch break no time for that". She then slapped me, gave me a BLT and told me to never talk to her again.
Correction on today's order, cashews since they were out of mixed nuts.

The cashews were surprisingly good but not as good as the mixed NUTS.

Also there was
Two hard boiled eggs, HOT
One Mini bagel
One Douche Enema bulb

Pop tart (strawberry) and pomegranate iced tea pending
Same oder as usual but bumped it up from a shorti to a classic. Feels right, for now.

Cleaned out the cashews (3) and bought 5 pop tarts.

The cashier was that black guy Rogie doesn't like so I smacked him and got dragged out by the Spanish girl, which was fun.
Coconut shrimp with roasted potatoes and 3 bean salad. And a great piece of pecan pie!