Anything that you eat today....journal it here!

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Apr 9, 2010
8.4 oz Red Bull
RealBeanz Nutrient Enhanced Iced Coffee/Diet Cappuccino
I eat All Bran every morning on weekdays and sometimes on weekends.
The Red Bull is causing you issues. Get off it now.
Large double double
Nature Valley bar x2
What is a double double? The Red Bull is not an issue Puck. I rarely drink them anymore.
Double-double. A Canadian term used to describe how you take your coffee - two teaspoons of sugar and two creams

Found it.

All I could think of was burgers....ha.

2 large slices of uncle robs chicken Hawaiian pizza.

Man that guy makes some of the best pizza I've ever consumed...
Toast...and then Toaster Struddel

Now Magnessium Citrate for purification processes
oh yeah sometime in the night I had a coughing fit....felt like I had popcorn kernel in my throat (though did not have popcorn) annoying as up and had a cherry lifesaver and a werthers....went back to bed.
The cherry....throat wrenching going down and even worse after the process is completed
Oh I've been there. That stuff is no joke. You must not have a lot going on today.
so far today I ate 3 leftover all beef hotdogs - just the meat, no bun/bread.
Oh I've been there. That stuff is no joke. You must not have a lot going on today.

-20's wind chill here today. I can write for my bread and butter today so I thought I would start cleansing.
Oikos Greek Yogurt...Caramel Macchiato flavor w/ tsp of granola (working on eating real breakfast)