Who;s drinking tonight?

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Solid line up @MrMonkey !

I flew into SRQ Friday:

Drove straight to Siesta Key for lunch and beach. Then awesome dinner in downtown Sarasota at Owens Fish Camp.

Saturday woke up drove to point at Anna Maria Island. Breakfast at Rod and Reel Pier. Then to Bradenton beach. Lunch in Longboat key. Then Lido Beach and happy hour at clam bar on St Armand’s circle. Pizza Dinner and ice cream on Main st DT srq.

Did I do fluorida right, mrm?
Of course you did but need to give me a holler and possibly be able to meet up? Gulf water in Anna Maria area just seems to have that lovely blueish-green color that even we don't have not that far away!
Starting later than expected but the initial lineup with no golf continuing. I guess long day on Sunday. The peachy one just got today and plenty of good reviews. Hopefully leave a good taste in my mouth!
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I drank the first 3 and a few more of those but never got to the Juicy Peach. We do so today!
Nothing like a cold beer in a frosted glass on a hot summer day!!!
cold beer in a frosted glass
Green and Black Tea..

Iced and an occasional sugar shot..

Slice of lemon 🍋 of course…
Some Pabst

Research shows Pabst has a higher alcohol volume whatever than most beers???

Didn’t know that…

I’ll have an occasional PBR, but that’s it…

Not a fan. Rather have a Molson Ice…
First time trying this in lounge.

How many could you drink to get drunk?

miller extra light
One on left nice spice flavor to it but second one like a Guinness pumpkin beer. #1 > #2
pumpkin spice latte stout
Halloween’s over bud. No Egg Nog beer where you’re at?