Who;s drinking tonight?

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o shit. i wasn't going to...but solely because of this thread, I will be now, no doubt.
Going to make drunk video tonight once people leave.
Lets see, finally alone for first time in weeks. Yea ill be having a drink, probably alone in my hotel room, but whatever.
Durito, I love drinking alone.

I almost prefer it.

So yeah, the gf made me do a little counselling over it, who cares.
Oh man I'm in. Hopefully we can get drunk and belligerent online together boys.
I think I'll start now.

i wonder what what a chivas regal mini costs out of the minibar here.

on a side note, why are hotels in bogota more expensive than anywhere else in the whole world?
this is why we need a chatroom in here. for the daytime drunk degenerate soccer betting, leadinbg up to nights of blacked out college hoops gambling
I have several soccer bets going right now, with a very dumb bookie who somehow i happen to owe $15,304.50

Soccer - 671 Wigan Athletic FC/Blackburn Rovers FC over 2 +125 for Game
Soccer - 1603 RC Deportivo La Corua/Sevilla FC under 2 +100 for Game
Soccer - 1565 Rangers FC/Saint Mirren FC under 2 +107 for Game
Soccer - 1600 Racing De Santander/CA Osasuna under 2 -140 for Game
Fischy CALM DOWN! It's day one.

Coming soon: Chat. Hookers. Plommer.

What more could one ask for?
im with you on the wigan ovefr.:cheers:

also got gunners over, chelsea over and everton ML.
Gonna tie one on and do some basketball betting tonight. Hopefully it goes differently than the last 5 times I've done this.
With this cast of characters, the question should be whos not drinking.
How has Tully lasted this long without being banned??????