The WWIII Thread

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Blah, don't worry about it. We can leave this thread dead.

Yeah Vegas Dave used to be a fun guy who made silly videos until that scammer piece of shit tout douchebag of the same name ruined it.

No idea if my old videos are still kicking around across the street. I'd consider making new ones, but only if reno lets me know how many I'd have to make before I could be a real Gameliver.

Is Usckingsfan still available as a screen name here?
Oh man, Dave, that sucks. I don’t know the back story but I did hear that there was another Vegas Dave.

Did he steal your name? I’d actually like to hear the story.
Nah, just coincidence. Not like "Vegas Dave" is the most original nickname in the world.

But yeah I got the nickname while I was working radio at USC, host of a sports show I was on got sick of calling me by my full name so he just called me "Vegas Dave" since I was always the one who had the betting lines etc.

Name stuck. All of my USC friends called me Vegas and introduced me as Vegas. Had to change my Facebook name (this was back when FB was cool in the early 2000s) to Vegas so people could find me.

Then this douchebag wins a huge future bet the year the Royals won it all. Full blown "163-2 I never lose pay me $2000 a week" tout asshole. And since ESPN gave him tons of coverage who knows how many gullible people he scammed?

So I had to retire the name.
hello reno! love you brother, miss you.

vd is gamelive
World military expenditure passes $2 trillion for first time

War is money :money:
The more I see pictures of Ukrainians dead in the street I take back any thought I had of Putin only targeting military places. He is one BAD dude who has to die.
War is coming to Europe

Finland moving 80 tanks to the border
Car bomb on one of Putin's inner circle people, Alexander Dugin. He took another car and his daughter drove his and boom. In the picture he is arriving to the scene.

Earlier this year he was rallying to kill Ukrainians and now 💥 . Lolz.