The Spanish referee in Brazil/Colombia was a complete incompetent buffoon


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Playing in a rain forest is a terrible idea, just like playing in a desert is a terrible idea (Qatar).

The conditions in Manaus were almost unbearable with the sweltering combination of high heat and humidity.


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Maradona is a drug addict and an idiot

The Spanish referee refused to show cards to Colombians deliberately trying to injure Neymar in that match

no conspiracy


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Guy #1: I used to date a girl named Chelsea so I'm picking Chelsea today.

Guy #2: What about the man U dated?


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a girl in tight clothes walked around in black areas for 10 hours and they barely got any footage

there were two creepy dudes

the ones who walked next to her, creepy


in 10 hours

saying hello, good evening, and good morning is not harassment

it's all a money grab

the girl is an attention whore (posted a lot of scantily-clad pics online) and she's working with a few scammers who are trying to collect


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the part of the vid that didn't get enough attention was that every dude they singled out was black except for maybe one puerto rican

I think street harassment is video taping people without consent and then putting it online implying they're some kind of creep or criminal


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thanks roguey

unfortunately that's all the traffic this forum gets

so maybe I should just say thank you to the spambots