The Cab is your friend tonight


angry and drunk
Happy New Year'sr all, remember a cab ride is a lot cheaper than an DUI.

I hope you all partake in some schenanigans today and bed all those easy chicks.


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I'll probably be here posting to myself. No New Year's Eve plans for me.

Good message though Tully.


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no plans from me either
not worth the risk going out on NYE for me.
may change my mind once jrunk though


SP Nation and I Ruin things
that got free bus rides in many big cities

I'll be hanging with a few friends, watching tv/movies/ and maybe posting


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Thx Tully. Love you buddy.

We are taxiing around SF.

Already seeing double.

Mikey, you guys.


Dont touch my fucking TV
im on a fine pace at the moment....when i get to Rain(asian bistro/club) im going to drown myself in morning purple(sake) and sit my ass up there until my asian decides she wants to go home... this nigga gotta work all day tomorrow, so fawk a bunch of beale, downtown and fawk a bunch of amateurs on the road tonight...


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Mrs durito was like I thought you'd come in the car. I said how would we get home, she said drunk driving. Nothing would happen it's like 5 blocks, but why on earth would I risk it. Id rather walk anyway.


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wonder if they'll tow my truck to the bar?

AAA Auto Club South and Budweiser have teamed up with Tow to Go, a program that provides a confidential ride home and tow free of charge to anyone's who may have had too much to drink by calling 1-800-AAA-HELP.


Here watching the Blues cover both sides of my bet. Strangely content night in. I think I will Netflix it after this. Tris has the kids over her parents, tried to get me into that, I snaked out of it.

Tomorrow the kids go away and I :fok: her Saturday and Sunday.

Will be posting tonight. :cheers: everyone