Taking Prozac


Bringing Sexy Back
Jan 26, 2010
Basically everyone on both sides of the Rain family is or has been on SSRI's for most of their adult life. Mom and Dad both currently on them. My maternal grandma would feel major depression coming and she'd pack her bags and check herself into the local "asylum", usually for 3 weeks at a time. She was basically unable to care for herself during an episode. Depression/anxiety everywhere up the family tree.

I was on Cipralex/Lexapro on and off for a couple years about a decade ago, have been off them since around 2012. It worked for me but the side effects didn't seem worth it. I had the same issue as Arch, climaxing was damn near impossible.

The main positive thing is that it got me to learn what a non-anxious/non-depressive state felt like, and it made me more aware of the irrational nature of those anxious/depressed feelings. I don't think I would go back on meds unless things got as bad as they did for grandma.

Good luck Caspy :hugyou: