Stock Picking - Straight Gambling

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My wife is the expert, I don't really know. I see a stock down 75% (like First Republic Bank) and I want to buy it... but I dunno. If they made bad bets I say fuck 'em, let them fail. John and Jane depositors are covered up to a certain amount... natural selection applied to financial companies probably a good thing?
I read SVB didn’t employ a risk manager, how is that possible.
I’ve been curious how safe my money is at Robinhood currently. Uninvested is making 4.15%.

They say it’s FDIC insured, at a possible 5 of 6 big name banks. Then slipped Bank of Baroda in there. Never fokin heard of it.

Scam or no scam? @Boner_18

BP with another solid day so far …
I just found out you can just buy CDs through a brokerage account im $1000 increments. Don't need to jump through all the hoops of opening an account and shit. Amazing. Got some more @ %5.35.