Steves gets his life together

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The Indian hit me up for $20 saying he will pay back tomorrow. I know he gets paid tomorrow so it should be all good.

As long as people are respectful in these matters it's ok, no one gets beaten with a baseball bat (in very rare cases this actually improves one's appearance) or has acid dripped in their eyes or anything like that.

Money is good and I really want to play poker later when the games are good so I'm going to start aggressively looking for my own digs, should be good.
Nothing. He's my homie until proven otherwise, dude hasn't missed a day of work and I respect that. The $500 recruiting bonus if he keeps it up will more than cover the juice.

I know where he works and lives so if he doesn't pay up I'll have Wwheng pay him a visit.
Setting up an appointment to view this place in Fairmount, the nicest part of Philly. $1k a month, but pool, fitness center, all kinds of stuff. Could work. I'm only going to take a place there, Fishtown or Center City.

Plus, they're the only ones to get back to me, probably because I'm OLD.