Steves gets his life together

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Gamelive's Power Bottom
Oct 30, 2019
Thought a thread like this would be more appropriate.

Anyway, this interview is a for a work from home position for an art dealership.

I need to get all my tech stuff back for it, then snag a rental, so that me and my surroundings.

What does this mean after being homeless for months, then in the hospital with the virus?

It means a lot.

HUGH shave (Bonebone can pull that off because he's established), hugh haircut, storage for my valuables, clothes, food, etc. Etc.

I love you guys so much and I so deeply thank you for considering me one of the coolest group of people in the fucking world, real shit.

Let's talk about real stuff (thanks again Dave, I'll keep in mind if something more permanent like this opportunity doesn't pan out) in this thread....I'll stop spewing the entire forum with it.

I also got ok w factory work awhile back, so that's a consideration (or security which was mentioned prior)

Let's get Steve in line so we can get back to Sing US a Song Saturday's!

Wubbles. For rizzles.
Night 1 I bought 100 proof Amsterdam vodka, drank the whole thing on top of a few Mlites. Started day 2 drinking this high alcohol content twister drinks and just kept going.

Didn't drink at the hospital, but did work out there again.

I was able to get address at local place today so I can have my UC card sent there, that'll help.

Didn't make the art gallery interview unfortunately. I'm not really qualified for that until I have a roof over my head.

I reached out to energy company I used to work for for a bit. Straight mish but there's money to be made there.

Some lady gave me a bunch of chipotle and other food and it was SO good.another lady saw me puffing a cheap cigar so she gave me her cig to finish.

People can be really cool - of you're not a drunk ass shut talking idiot. Got the police called on me at Starbucks because I was talking shit and refused to leave after closing time. Threw their gift cards everywhere, then tried to pick a fight w the cashier. UNNACCEPTABLE.




Had the best pizza I've ever had and the best hibachi I've ever had.

Someone stole my Americam Spirits and I was ready to fuck some shit up. Pissed off nice Wawa girl as well.

Now I have like $35 until about ten days when the UC card shows up.

Gonna be rough. We can this though.


I am quite enjoying my Zaza vape, it's SO good. Wish it could last forever.
Well, you're certainly getting a lot of activities in.

Don't fuck with the Wawas though. Some things are sacred.

Fuck the Starbucks.

I heart my Wawas.

Also police LOVE Wawa, so being drunk penis there = BAD CALL.

X sure I fucked around but I'm so fucking sad and lonely man. It's an exercise in futility. Who do I talk to besides waitresses and bartenders just doing their jobs?

Job asap. Pad asap. And NO MORE DRINKING.


Seriously? With the shit I talk when I'm smashed I'm VERY FUCKING LUCKY TO STILL BE ALIVE.

I mean jaysus. It's fucking pathetic man. I'm 46 fucking years old for Christ's sake! People can be so beautiful and when I binge I seriously then into El Diablo, and since it's just me? GREAT WAY TO GET FUCKED THE FUCK UP. FOR REAL.

The hottie w the pink hair was quite cool about telling me I wasn't a dick at all though.. I don't think she was even there, lol..

I like her style. Blind encouragement. That works for me.

Might still dumpster dive for booze but never ever spending money on it again.
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Sorry you're lonely steves. That sucks and you're in a viscous cycle.

Doesn't this all start with your mental health? It seems like you're operating at a hopeless disadvantage until you get help with that.
It's the drinking, which makes the mental stuff flare up.

It's always the drinking. Drinkers refuse to see that.

My BIL is going through some rough shit himself, all caused by his binging on (crappy) beer.

Bud is the devil.
I have the bipolar meds in my suitcase.

Fellas, it's time.
Just popped Gapenentin, Folic Acid, Olazapine (for the bipolar), B-12 and Naltrexone - which actually makes alcohol (and heroin) not fun. Popping the Naltrexone is my commitment to not drinking.

I planned on throwing the Naltrexone out. Fuck that.

No offense to bums, but I'm sick of being one.

I have so much potential. Let's develop that shit. I owe it to you guys and everyone else.
I do miss the witches rocking my world, psychosomatically or whatever that fucking incredible shit is.

Come back! I'll behave. I promise. It's so lonely without you.

I NEED it.

I heart you!!!!

You know I'll do anything for you, right?!

🧙‍♀️ 🪄 🧹 🧙‍♂️
It's the drinking, which makes the mental stuff flare up.

It's always the drinking. Drinkers refuse to see that.

My BIL is going through some rough shit himself, all caused by his binging on (crappy) beer.

Bud is the devil.

The drinking is terrible and will continue to ruin steves' life and/or kill him eventually if he doesn't stop. But can he stop drinking without getting his brain sorted out. I sorta assumed that the drinking was a coping mechanism, but maybe you're right. Or maybe it's both.

The internet seems to think that bipolar can trigger alcoholism and that drinking can trigger bipolar. Or possibly the same brain chemistry that leads to bipolar disorder also makes one susceptible to alcoholism. Fun.
It's how Jimmy Hendrix died. It's how Amy Winehouse died.

Those were rich people. I'm dirt poor.

And if I don't stop? It'll be how I die.

Enough is enough.
I have an uncle, grew up with him around every weekend. He lost everything drinking. When his adult sons finally pulled him off the streets in South Florida he was done. He's now living with wet brain.

Don't end up on the streets Steves. Be strong. Stay off the bottle. We love you dude.