reno cool's quote thread


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Jan 24, 2010
I even know your cars name, you call her Jenny, she's like a girlfriend to you.

PS: You will drive alone.



nice work rj:thumbup:
I was debating starting one of these. That's an excellent start
The other forums will care as well that you are linking to their member's posts with the intent once again to harm and harrass people.

SBR is all you have in life and I for one don't feel sorry for you. You will die alone and your only accomplishment in life will be digging up false information on someone and posting it on a gambling forum.

For the fifth time, if you would like to place a bet on the quality of the information that you found, please let me know.

Not sure why I would walk into a bar less than two blocks from where I work and start trouble. Bread and Robyn were very cordial.
Square bets win sometimes.

What can you do.........
You can get on board with glppotd. we are hitting huge last 2 weeks.
Reno lives in a house with three televisions. Some kind of Communist huh.

Oh no. Don't bring that up again. I got in trouble this morning for that one.

This morning when we were watching baseball and he was talking about some thing or time in the past that was particularly good. Reno called it "the days of guns and roses". There are so many awesome mixed metaphors that come out of that quirky Russian. Love that non politically affiliated guy.
You liked that one huh Rogie?
April 12, 2010
At some times i heard the shrinks tales of poddle!!!!! and go fourth so and so in heaven light to shine on happy for all to see!!!

Asher John

If I woke up one day and turned RogueScholar, I'd give Arturo Gatti the best blow job of his life