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Happy with my FD gift and everyone have a good rest of the night! Glad he has a long-term contract!
Wifey bought herself a small puzzle yesterday. She did it in the evening, undid it and put it back in its box.

She just came to the living room, took the puzzle box and dumped its contents on the floor.

Me - You're doing it again?
Her - Yeaaaah... it's short.
Me - Your work day is over?
Her - Nooooo...
Me - Should I stop asking questions?
Her - lol

I guilted her into going back to her computer. Now I feel bad.

#marriagestories #highfunctioningadhd
I'm constantly bewildered by the passage of time. I befriended my new next door neighbour who's a bit of a cyclist and we went on a group ride with his coworkers, all in their mid to late 20s. I was designated as the ride leader but I warned that I didn't know the roads that well because I was "still relatively new here." Which is true. This girl asked me when I moved here and as I was about to answer, it struck me that she would've been right around my son's age back in 2010. Embarrassment ensued.

Shit is fucked up.
Another example - JL bought DVDs of a couple Planet of the Apes movies to bring to the family cottage this summer, for rainy-day viewing. He was asking me when DVD's became a thing, and I instinctively said "the 90's". But it really wasn't until around 2001 that DVDs became mainstream. My son was born just over a dozen years later, and another decade has since passed.

DVDs came and went really quickly. They look like absolute dogshit today.

Shit is fucked up.