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Outside the coasts homophobia is still rampant in the US. I think the better question is why do you care?
Only time I care is when they push their ideologically based agenda onto normies, otherwise you do you.

So there's 2 chromosomes yet somehow 70+ different genders?

Most of the west has become clown world (one of the reasons why I spend so much time in Asia where they don't do identity politics and virtue signaling yet the alternate lifestyle is more accepted in most parts), just pray that your kids aren't roped into their ancient greek styled agenda.

There is such a thing as being TOO tolerant boner man...


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Muddy! They fucked with the lid!
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No more pushing the little tab inward. Looks like the new design prevents slashage though. I'm ambivalent about this. Not a big fan of technological advances these days. :dontthinkso:
Had one of that style recently in Nam (of all places). Found it weird because it's not like that part of the world has the litigious mindset but was indifferent to it until taking it away on a motorbike, at which point the "why" of the design justified itself.


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Serious though.

You live in the west. What's the big deal/stigma in being gay in this part of the world anymore??

Answer, there is none. It's why the media has turned to manufacturing outrage so that their agenda in relation to the gay community stays relevant (as an example see trump and how he's homophobe because he listened to science when it came to military service for trans people)...

So much fake outrage...

Time to call it out...


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I dunno. I get a Tim's coffee on the way home from work every day and so far I have only had the traditional push-in-able flappies such as one would expect in a society based on decency, respect and human dignity.



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I like the quaint charm of a lid that makes it impossible to drive without creating a puddle of coffee in the cupholder. Go away with your clearly superior designs.

reno cool

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Talk about worthless innovations they push on the public, what's the deal with hundred different types of automatic paper towel and soap dispensers in public bathrooms? Sure pulling a paper towel out of a box is way tougher than waving your hands around desperately in the hopes that something comes out eventually, but how did this become such a lucrative business?


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Watching these non existent riots over in Hong Kong and all I can think is "Xi Jingping had a little Lam, little Lam, little Lam..."


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Hmm. I have been invited to my sister's for dinner on Saturday - and our parents aren't invited.

That's weird. Pretty unheard of. Usually the family stuff is family stuff.

I have no doubt the food (ribs) will be outstanding but I also have a feeling I am being set up. I'm going to be asked to do something.

Maybe there's an outside chance it will be a set-up - like with a single woman - that's a longshot - or maybe they just feel like having some time with me without the usual hassle of getting the old folks up and down ramps and whatnot. Just wanting my sparkling company. Could be I guess.

But I think I'm going to be asked to do something.

Something not totally comfortable.

max headroom

So, yeah I know I'm completely crazy but on the real.

When I was being rightfully so tossed around I met this woman, completely out of my league, especially - ya know - cuffed up and stuck in pants from 60 or so pounds ago that were falling down.

I cannot forget that first smile. I cannot forget the softness in her voice regardless of any circumstances and being stern when she had to be. I cannot forget everything incredible about her at all. A hint of sympathy, two hints of empathy. Three hints of get your shit together.

I doubt I'll ever see her again but what I can say is this.

You, incredible, are an inspiration - and I thank you for that. That is so soft, gentle and warm as I close my eyes, my inner demons fade away and it's just beyond words to know that all that is you cared - even for a second. I cannot believe I even had the amazement of witnessing so incredibly perfect. That smile. Perfection and ownage of my soul in the absolute blink of an eye.

I hope everything ever goes perfectly, always, and I thank you.