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Organ Transplant

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Hope intense is the right word for going through what SHE, you, relatives, family, friends, everybody that knows her has had to last 7 weeks. Can't fathom my mind handling it. Blitty being close no doubt also he and wife always is on their minds thinking of the situation.

Think finally time if not act my age, get as close to it as possible! MrsM would agree! God bless and pray/ hope for the quickest recovery possible!
Standard is 2-4 weeks in hospital post transplant. Some are longer if there are complications. She's been hospitalized for related things since May 1st...

After that she should enjoy 80-100% pre-disease lung function for a number of years (more if she survives the first year post transplant). Eventually the lungs will be rejected by the body and if she's young enough and strong enough she may do it all over again.
Thank god,you had medical insurance.I am a godfather to a person that had a liver transplant at 3 years old,she is 25 now and probably healthier than me,other than taking an anti-rejection pill daily and year check up ,she is as normal as can be.We use to call her the million dollar baby because of all the procedures that had to be done
Mostly we have to be ultra cautious about infection risk since her immune system is basically turned off. Everything from hand washing, food safety (including some hard no restrictions like sushi), mask wearing and vaccines (flu and covid). We took the 15mo old out of daycare due to the colds she brings home (getting a nanny or ill quit my job). She's got 30+ pills a day, we start with weekly clinic visits until she gets a drug plan that works for her. Can't fly for a while or go to crowded indoor areas, etc.
Lifetime, but like covid regs we'll have to discover what works for us. We'll def have to be choosy about what we do, big Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner are probably off. Outdoor gatherings are better than in, etc. She's still gonna get sick with noro, rhino, roto and covid but trying to limit the big ones (rsv, flu, bacterial like e. Coli, etc) is the name of the game. We're just doing a lot of risk reward stuff - taking 1yo out of daycare but not going to homeschool the 6yo.