NBA playoffs 2018


solid jive
Kinda fascinating. Those of us who smugly said the regular season means ZERO and it will end up Golden State versus Cleveland again - I dunno.

I mean, it could end up that, but there will be some series worth keeping an eye on along the way.

Houston finished 7 games ahead of GS.

Hopefully the Raptors can back up their #1 seed in the east with some non-chokey playoffs. Too much chokey playoff stuff for the last 4 years. Gotta stop with the playoff chokey choke RIGHT NOW.

They have looked great - different, reformed - all year and I want to believe, but if ever there was a team that has to prove something ---> Raptors.

Series against the Wizards kicks off in Toronto at 5:30 today - and I need to see a show of authority against that 8 seed. I know they got players too but this is the NBA, not the NHL. 1 seeds should stomp on 8 seeds.

So let's do that.


SP Nation and I Ruin things
tough start for Raps in first half

had a nice run to start 2nd

counter punch by Wiz

should be a good ending


My Little Girl!
"I'm gonna shut that s*** off next game, though. Guarantee that."

What a punk ass this guy! Until the playoffs the NBA is unwatchable for me anymore! Hey Russ, just lost and team is down 2-1 in series and only thing on your mind is stopping Ricky! Now you're down 3-1 cause you got yourself in foul trouble! ME!ME!!ME!!ME!!!! Unreal these primadonnas!
On and off through the day I pondered, would I prefer the Raptors face the Cavs and take on the team that has dominated and disposed of them several times in recent years? The Raps are the #1 seed, the Cavs look vulnerable ---> maybe we should look our demons in the eye and face them head-on. Maybe now is the time.

That would be the attitude of a champion.

Or would I rather just steer clear of a Lebron situation altogether?

I decided I would rather steer clear. Go Pacers.

But I guess not.


My Little Girl!
Muddy, they need to beat LeBron and Co, just not to hear later they were lucky avoiding the Cavs! Put the Demon to rest! James, hard for me to say has played OUT OF HIS MIND! The rest of the Cavs not enough this year!


solid jive
I saw some of that. I also saw bits of Utah's series against OKC.

Utah is game. Those guise are doing work.

The Raptors could learn a lesson.
I'm due to be dominated very soon.

I think next time I'm out I'll stop by the strip joint and have one or two of those cuites smack me around a bit.

That shit is fucking awesome.

Go Eagles.
Kicking mới for not taking Celtics before the series began knowing how well they payed 76ers during the season...

Can anyone else remember the last time the books got both ECF series so consistently wrong?