NBA playoffs 2018


solid jive
Kinda fascinating. Those of us who smugly said the regular season means ZERO and it will end up Golden State versus Cleveland again - I dunno.

I mean, it could end up that, but there will be some series worth keeping an eye on along the way.

Houston finished 7 games ahead of GS.

Hopefully the Raptors can back up their #1 seed in the east with some non-chokey playoffs. Too much chokey playoff stuff for the last 4 years. Gotta stop with the playoff chokey choke RIGHT NOW.

They have looked great - different, reformed - all year and I want to believe, but if ever there was a team that has to prove something ---> Raptors.

Series against the Wizards kicks off in Toronto at 5:30 today - and I need to see a show of authority against that 8 seed. I know they got players too but this is the NBA, not the NHL. 1 seeds should stomp on 8 seeds.

So let's do that.


SP Nation and I Ruin things
tough start for Raps in first half

had a nice run to start 2nd

counter punch by Wiz

should be a good ending
"I'm gonna shut that s*** off next game, though. Guarantee that."

What a punk ass this guy! Until the playoffs the NBA is unwatchable for me anymore! Hey Russ, just lost and team is down 2-1 in series and only thing on your mind is stopping Ricky! Now you're down 3-1 cause you got yourself in foul trouble! ME!ME!!ME!!ME!!!! Unreal these primadonnas!