More thoughts on jobs and working


Yer goddamn right!
I can't lose. I like what I'm doing so if I don't get this job, I'm good. But I also like to learn new things. Either way is good.

I would have to switch to Monday-Friday - and I would lose my shift premium - but hell, they just gave me a mega-raise that covers the lost premium several times over so I'm not too put out about that.

Therein may lie the biggest sticking point though. Me being Sunday-Thursday means that if they gave me this job, more moves would have to be made to backfill.

So maybe they'll take the easy way out and just use someone who is already Mon-Fri. Don't know. Doesn't matter. Can't lose.

Interview tomorrow at 11:30.


Yer goddamn right!
Man that was a stupid fucking interview.

It was a panel for Christsake. They had 3 management guise interviewing me. I've been working there for 2.5 years - and I'm applying for a receiving job - which, I'm sorry, is just not super complicated. There is no splitting of atoms involved.

First question they ask me: how do I feel about overtime?


Wellll, the same I have felt for the last 2.5 years. I didn't say that but why are you talking to me like we've never met?

And it went on and on. They asked me about time management strategies and if I am concerned that I would have get more involved with computer stuff. Like, have you ever worked with a computer before?


Jesus christ people. You know me. You know how I work. What is with this nonsensical crap?


Yer goddamn right!
It was more in-depth - I would go as far as to say more hostile - than the interviewing I went through to get into the company in the first place.

I felt like saying, "Are you guise seriously trying to determine if this entry level job is beyond my capabilities? I got news for you: I've been a Distribution Manager - I've been a business owner - your jobs are not beyond my capabilities. Perhaps you should blow me."


Yer goddamn right!
Next week, should be.

If it is me, the decision will probably be that I got it but I don't start for a month or so. There are issues with replacing my production in the department I would be leaving.