kato's good mourning/good evening thread

mourning kato

That last page put my brain in a pretzel

What’s Milhouse and karting?

I had a soap box car when I was a kid

Would ride it down the hill
good mourning brother!

coming up milhouse -

my son is on his way to start his professional karting career.

bad ass about the soapbox car.

he will be in the JR2 class - restricted 100CC

gfc kart

That’s awesome. Looking forward to kart updates.

Kato, do you approve of my first impulsive ironic ink job?
good mourning!

kato approves big time
good mourning kato

kato today it's really mourning, a cousin that I hadn't seen in like 12 -15 years died

cirrhosis, he was one of them functioning alcoholic - had a good job hard worker but every day drinker, only 45 yrs old

since I last saw him he had moved to the States and was living in Georgia, had a kid in elementary school, you know how parents pick up elementary kids now, they make a big line in the car and move up, he was park in the line and his son came into the car and he was fainted over the steering wheel, both kidneys had collapsed, got rushed to the hospital and was with the machine for 5 days, his blood thinned out so much that he got a cardiac arrest, then he got unplugged, his liver was completely destroyed, someone that saw him say that he inflated double his size, that kid is gonna have trauma
So sad to hear RJ!!! I never could comprehend how you could wake to a drink and continue through the day properly functioning and holding down a job. Recall two fellow employees at two previous POEs who were excellent at their job who nobody knew had that issue who of course got let go when the company found out.
good mourning rj, gamelive!

feel so bad for the kid. alcohol is the worst.

so sorry rj.
Think this forum turned way too ultra conservative for kato, he’ll be back when things turnover
lol - good mourning.

saw yumi zouma on sunday. they opened for turnover. fabulous time.

quit cheering for politicians - they all suck
good mourning - happy Thanksgiving kato

im buying my mashed potatoes mix at wal mart right now

strong line. good view.

happy thanksgiving brother.