kato's good mourning/good evening thread

hello! merry christmas, rj!

pele is creating havoc in hawaii

bing crosby loved to beat his son into submission
good mourning all

griner is freed, traded for the merchant of death

lopsided trade, like the rudy gobert trade

the simulation is so very strange
good mourning

i know reno is stoked
Should have let that dyke do his time. Fukk Biden. Absolutely disgusting human being.
good mourning all

hope all is well with you and yours

merry christmas
merry christmas kato, gamelive

kato do you pack lunch for work everyday or always go out?
hello tron - nice pull. she is blowing up.

for the weight management; i try to eat pack lunch - go out on fridays
Going to be a chilly one tonight, down they're saying to 39.