Just bought some very good cheddar

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Jan 27, 2010
From a co-op farm in Quebec.

It goes very well with some whole wheat spouted grains toast

Oh man I love cheese. I had a cheddar stick and nibbled off my block of montery jack. YUM!!

Maybe it was pepper jack, which is just monterey jack with some jalapanos in there
I am a fan on pepper jack. It is great for burgers.

I also like Asiago and Feta.

Hard to beat a good cheddar though. Shit will pack on the pounds after awhile.
Gouda is probably my fav

A reasonable sized portion of cheese is a very healthy snack packed full of protein.
Anyone ever tried a goat cheese medallion from Whole Foods or one of those organic stores?

Fricking tasty stuff. Even better with a glass of Cab or Shiraz
When disturbed, the larvae can launch themselves for distances up to 15 centimetres

That's really not something I care to read about my food.
It so happens I purchased some cheddar yesterday. I will use it primarily with crackers for afternoon snacks and melted on burgers. I am the king of burgers with melted cheddar.

Mmmmm cheddar.
I am a big fan of those cheese plates that you can get as an app. at nice french Restaurants. You get like 6 different cheeses from all across France on a play with some bread....awesomeness.
I'm a big fan of the goat cheese ya get at Mexican resturants
ala cheese dip in the teeny tiny bowl that cost $2.50

I asked if I could buy a gallon of it, they said, "yes, 1 bowl at a time"