Im in Jury Duty


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I'd like to say that was an educational experience but for the most part, I had a bunch of stuff confirmed that I already assumed in the strongest possible terms.

My overriding reaction: a wretched and aggravating experience.


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I am not supposed to talk about what happened in the trial and so I won't. I simply refuse. But can you hypothetically imagine a trial ending in a hung jury? That actually happens sometimes.

People deliberate for days and are sequestered for nights ---> can't reach an agreement.

Can you imagine?


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It really does make me wonder about our legal system. The whole idea of needing 12 person unanimity - on anything - seems so far-fetched. There are so many dipshits out there.

I am intellectually aware that it is not a distastrous situation in the big picture. It kinda works. Verdicts do get reached. But my gut feeling is cut jury size back to, oh, say, 7.


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I actually found there were more stupid things said by people on my side of the verdict than the other.

Most of them were coming to the right conclusion for stupid reasons.

It was just an all-around stupid experience.

Weirdly (to me) some of the women were getting all teary and huggy as we were breaking up.

Go home. Let's never see each other again.
So it was a hung jury, how many days did you deliberate? Where did you stay , what did they feed you, was it good? etc etc.

What were the exact charges the defendant was facing?

people wanna know.

You should be ok sharing those things with us as it isn't asking for specific informtion from the trial itself.



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Deliberations dragged on for 3 days. There were breaks and whatnot. Someone calculated it at 21.5 hours actual arguin' time.

2 overnights at the hotel (where you are not allowed any electronics/TV/phone/radio - nuthin'.)

They feed the juries. I don't know what to tell you. Regular food. Hotel breakfast (bacon, eggs, potatoes, muffins, coffee). Sammiches or wraps for lunch. Order from a restaurant for dinner. Swiss Chalet, Italian. There was always juice and pop and coffee in the jury room.

It was an importing drugs charge. The first vote on the first day was 8 guilty, 4 not guilty - and it did not budge an inch.

I would estimate that in the course of deliberations, I said less than anyone except 1 guy.
Thanks. I was interested in the things a juror experiences going through the process. I know there is lots of waiting.

Were you a juror at the courthouse at 7755 Hurontario in Brampton?

I've been there a couple of times. Not a place I want to go back to.


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~3 kilos of cocaine (6.6 pounds).

Yes, the courthouse on Hurontario. ~7 minute drive from the house where I grew up and my parents still live.

Apparently I have a really good chance of getting called back. I don't know why it took 52 years to get this first call, but folks in the know say that once they've got you in the loop, they'll keep calling.

They told me to keep my summons because they often call before the requisite 3 years and you want to have proof that you don't have to go yet.


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I have narrowly escaped being a juror twice now. Since my main address is in the Ottawa Valley, I would have to travel approx 70-80 km to get to the courthouse. The last time, they cancelled the interview process about 48 hours before i had to go...

Sorry it was such a miserable thing to go through Muddy. I am so glad i did not have to go. I hope I never get picked again..


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Ehh, I don't really care. If I get called again, I'll just go.

I grump a bit but really, it's pretty far down the list of hardships that people have to endure.


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Can we start a Gamelive Jury so we can decide who is wrong when it comes to disputes?



Substitute Jurors for when the jurors are the accused



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I got a cheque this week for my jury duty.

120 bucks.

I informed work. The wording of their jury-pay policy is something about how they will top up my pay to its usual level. But they gave me my usual pay. So by rights, I should turn this money over to them. So I told them about it.

If they were to say, ehh, ferget it, just keep it, I would not mind.