Guru can I join you in this forum?

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cool beans

the totals on the games are rather low though

roguey do you know what's going on with No posts about it.
matty is going to revive it this weekend, going to fool his office pool co-workers into following erroneous picks

matty is the defending champion
Guru -

Is this a funny voice msg for people to hear when they call you? It has been much debated between Stevies and Cami.

I like it because it reminds me of this show I used to watch in the 80's I think it was with my folks
I think my next voicemail message might just have to be
For Guru:

Fyi my face was being played with here by a female

I do but I'm hoping I won't have to
RIP Polaroid

did fiver really fake cancer for attention?