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You guys may have cried at the limp/raise call/blast raise/call line I just took on this whale to stack him. It was so damn sexy.

Working on our biggest night here to date, boys and POSSIBLY our biggest session evarrrr.

I've learned some things from you and I really do appreciate it.

God bless you, and God bless America.



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Right. Tougher spot if you have say 500. If you call you'll have to deal with the betting on turn and river. So probably have to go all in anyway, and at that point you're not getting very good odds

max headroom

How's this for a 1/3 session fellas -

23.5 straight hours


So beastly, my personal live best by a few hundy and das nice.

That includes the $500 high hand, an absolute MONSTER whale that was so, so bad that I actually felt kind of bad (which I rarely do), and a run of tables I mostly had a skill edge at. The tables were so loose I was just like if I leave I am not doing my job correctly, and that just kept continuing to be the case. Really didn't get that lucky in any particular hands, just zero bad luck, and a lot of luck pertaining to who I was playing.

Took a day off soak it in, keep things in perspective (I DO believe in profit tilt aka spoiled player syndrome) rest up and drink beers. Twas nice.

Very thankful, and glad I can share my continued success with you guys. It's still early in the game of getting established as a pro, but so far so good.

Run good, gents.



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$75 an hour is a nice heater, maxy. Well done.

I’m almost certain fatigue would keep me from playing more than 16 hours straight.

max headroom

Exactly Reno. I used to just jump right back in, you know ride the rush - but I think as long as it's not a must play night (Friday or Saturday) a chill day is good. The moments of pure joy in poker are far less often than the constant small negative moments (fold after fold, anglers, complainers, etc., etc.) so it's nice to savor it and for me to sink into my brain that this is my reality possibly permanately - IF I can keep it in line. I've had good runs in the past but have always spewed it away with amateur crap - the drinking while playing (I don't do this anymore), playing over my head, etc. etc. I really was in a tough spot in late October with that crap job and horrid living arrangements so it's very cool to go from that situation to such a free and good one such as this. We keep it going the right way, we level up our living arrangements and we find a nice girl to unwind with.

Yeah Tronner I start to feel pretty faded past say 12 hours, but if the table is poppin I'll ride it out man - because you know that next time you sit it'll be the usual nitfest.

As always I appreciate the support fellas.


max headroom


Be sitting directly to the left (the traditional answer) of the hyper aggro donk


Directly to his right, so you can see how everyone else is reacting to his every hand preflop raise, before you have to act?

My answer HAD been option 1, but it's been drifting to option 2 because this way not only do we avoid our isolation bets with good (not great) hands such as maybe AQ getting blasted by a shark, we can also just push with maybe AK if say five people called $20 (obviously use discretion doing this as some will smooth call said villian's raise with AA).

That's been my train of thought, curious what how other Gamelive poker sharps view this situation.


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It’s a good question

I don’t know the right answer

Personally, sitting directly right of a maniac gets too volatile for me and it’s not my comfort zone. BUT, not all maniacs are created equally.

So it depends what type of read I have on the LAG.

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Yeah man I agree on it dependent on hyper aggro level of said lagtard (specifically his preflop aggro level), and overall climate of the table. You don't won't to shove on him with AK and get pinched off by a shark that limped with aces.


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I like a maniac to be on my left.

You should be calling down a maniac with some pretty weak hands. That's hard to do when there are players to act behind you. When you do have a monster, you'll also get extra money from the players in front of you who are calling the maniac with weaker hands.

You're not getting much information about a maniac's hand by his betting, that's what makes him a maniac. It's more important to get information from the logical players at the table.

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Right, right. That's where that train of thought was going to eventually land for me, appreciate the breakdown man.

Yeah I'm getting more used to broadening my range for maniacs and calling them down with weak hands. Tough for me because I'm traditionally so nitty, but you have to cash in when they are spewing. I was at a spewfest table the other night with two of them and three players whom I view as further along then myself all of whom were picking off the donks with second and third pair and I was like man, I have to get more used to doing that.

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I made a poker friend that is like the nicest dude in the world but he is a constant stream of bad beat stories and he always buys in for the minimum.

I HATE bad beat stories as I find them draining (one here or there is fine, but I'd much rather talk about a tough spot/strategy) and if you buy in for the minimum all the time what in the FUCK did you expect to happen?

He's willing to take me to other rooms which is +ev so I have to behave on this one.

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Question for Gamelive's poker sharps regarding a hand that just closed this session:

We are in the 2 seat with red pocket kings, we are late position and there are six limpers to us. We make it 15 to play. The five seat, a solid player with a full stack ($300+) makes it 27. Everyone else folds. To us. Now I make it 55 here, basically asking him if he has aces or kings or not. He snap shoves, I tank thirty seconds and fold.

My question to you is do you think you find a fold instead of the 4 bet? I think I agree with my play here but I'm not completely sure.


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These spots are the worst but you said it yourself in your post: you made it 55 to ask him if he had AA or KK.........and he answered “YES”.

So following the story if the hand you’re at best chopping, right?

The villain is a solid player, he min re-raises you (you said he made it $27 but I’m assuming you meant $30). What could he possibly have besides AA/KK?

This spot you’re in really exemplifies a poker quote I love: “poker is like golf: it’s not how good you hit the good ones, it’s how bad you hit the bad ones”.

It’s really hard to find a fold here but you managed to and against a solid player it’s the right play in my opinion.

I’m curious about your open of $15 after 6 limpers. Were you trying to build a big pot and get multiple callers? Obviously that didn’t happen after his 3-bet.............but.