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I guess there was no need to drink all 24 beers in one night.

We are not getting too old for this shit, boys.

We ARE too old for this.

So anyway, about poker. Yeah I'll get back to you on that. when my brain stops trying to bleed out of my ears.

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I completely agree with that, thank you Rogie. Sorry guys, you know I appreciate you very much.

I will say though that that guy really did die and it is so sad. He totally helped me when I was completely down and out, giving me rides so that I could do work for a temp agency. The work (yes - picking up trash at a local stadium) did suck very badly but shit, that's how the poker buy ins started to accumulate. He didn't even really know me and just out of nowhere volunteered to do that.

Such a nice, giving dude and he dies in his apartment of pneunomia, alone. So sad. Last night after 20+ years I was convinced that he donated his soul to me. That didn't happen at all but he totally helped me out.

RIP my good man. I hope you're happy as fuck up there man.

Back to poker. $1,300 plus over the past 3 days which actually put a dreadful February in the green by $86, so still no negative months since I returned to the game in October. I played 48.25 out of 72 hours in 3 days and I am still tired as fuck (obviously all that beer didn't help). I decided I was going to chase the promos though and it paid off, I hit two of them for $800.

That being said, some things to consider:

I could have been significantly more without $355 in mistakes. Plus, we take away the $800 in bonuses and we're at roughly $10/hour (after rake and tips). I view myself as a $15/hr player when completely on point and (or better) than that is what needs to happen.

Too much beer. I should have played tonight but I'm too damn hungover and slow, and playing like that is -EV. Pathetic, grow up. Nine sessions in February? No, that won't work.

I know that part of the reason I drink so much is loneliness. For the most part all I'm around all the time are people who want to take my money. Going to sign up for online dating tomorrow and see if I can find a cool female that would want to go see Cage and Beck with me in August. I do feel like balance in life would significantly reduce impulsive mistakes in poker.

I don't know about recruiting, I just don't. Sure it's cool to technically have my own business and it's a good look for dating, but it's about the bottom line. It just reminds me of the depressing parts of being a a loan officer - i.e. the other day this guy really acts like he wants a job from me and asks me to call him at 8 am the next morning, so I set an alarm for him and I do. Then he is waking his kids up so he asks for a call back at 8:30 so I do, and then he balks on the SS# and very rudely hangs up on me, but obviously I mean nothing to him since he has 20 other recruiters calling him all day long.

We'll see how the pipeline looks when it's time to renew the zip recruiter ads in a couple weeks here. What I want is something I can run while playing poker (waiting for good hands) that helps people and it doesn't feel right because when new leads come in if you don't instantly call them other recruiters do, and calling leads is a bad feel at the table. Other players are respectful of it, but it's just a bad feel plus there's multiple pages you need open in case they have questions - a lot for an Amazon Fire to handle (very hesitant to bring the laptop into the casino). Most recruiters are sitting right in front of their computer snap calling (see what I did there?) all leads

Been thinking about the Amazon seller thing, and it could very well go that way if I don't renew Zip. Very likely going that way. If anyone has any ideas for something you think could work given the criteria I just described feel free to chime in.

Have to get back to working out consistently too, been eating a little better. My criteria is actually pretty rigid as far as appearance for women. You know what they're not into? Fatasses or 43 year old binge drinkers.

So, some adjustments to make. Let's see what we can make happen in March.

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Here is a poker scenario that I've been misplaying and it is a bit of a thinker.

We are on the big with 2 8 off and we flop 3 2s (no boat). I bet $25 and this loose aggro girl (actually very attractive too) flat calls. Turn is a brick, I bet $25, she calls again. River is the same and she reraises me to $75. I put her on a set for the boat and folded. I figured I was value betting her top pair the whole way. No way to know if it was a planned attack by her or if she had it.

The conclusion I come to on that play is to not bet after the flop. I am hesitant to play it this way because I don't like to give up control of a hand. That being said this leads me to dumping off chips in this scenario or in other scenarios where I make an unnecessary blocker bet into a monster.

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Thinking about a profit split run/see where it goes with a very good player that approaches things much more conservatively than me, I did get to know him a good bit recently. I do feel like he is proven.

The main reason is that I feel it is better for me to play nights and he is a better day fit. I mean let's face it, I'm a punk ass/shark and I fit in better with those guys and he fits in so much better with the daytime people and therefore can scoop up those daytime bonuses with them. He's offered to split bonuses before out of respect and I know he wouldn't roll me, I refused because I've been rolled a bit online before. Almost every time we talk strategy it meet's tight aggro (me) vs him - tight passive and it ends at me thinking - well, that makes sense too but I would never do that.

I feel like it could smooth things out a bit because the pressure I put on myself is actually insane. and normally I'd turn my back because I believe in myself to the fullest but I am seeing overlay here.


It's a thinker if anything. Cool to make a poker friend I actually respect nonetheless.

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Alright so no profit split proposal with that dude. Cool as heck guy and good for a ride to other venues which is cool but too many leaks - loves table games (BIG no), loves to buy in short (no), loves to discuss bad beats (no, unless there's a lesson to be learned), and loves to talk pro hand analysis at the table including new venues with donks all around us. No.

Great dude and very cool to have a local I talk to a little bit outside of at the tables.

I did join Zoosk and have spoken to a few, nothing serious. One I might meet for a bite.

Recruiting is fading. I really just don't care about it tbh. I respect them and all but I just don't. I guess I'm pretty good at sales but it does just suck so fuck that unless God forbid I have to return to it.

Been playing a significant amount of hours, I did decide 60-80 hours/wk is my number. Still hitting the promos but staying all night too. At some point a dude needs to sleep.

Alright so blah blah let's get into the point of this post which is the worst play a live player can possibly make. Sure you have other random stuff we pretty much only see online, but let's get into the worst play you can make in a live game.

It's about 3:30 am the other night and I am so faded - no booze or dugs, just tired as fuk. down a couple hundo, not happy about. that, game pretty much dead, etc. etc.

This dude sits next to me babbling about a not so far out casino he prefers as compared to ours and how ours is crap. (step 1, make me not like him - yes, I'm loyal to my joint). He looks like a total tool. Just all this nonsensical getup. I'm like - this guy's an asshole and he must suck.

He chips up a couple of mediocre times.

So I get AK off in the hole. limp. Flop K96 rainbow, he bets, I 3 bet hard, he tanks it and shoves. I'm like you know what? this guy's a fucking moron. I bet it's AQ. I take a few seconds and call.

NOPE. 96 suited. Turn is a 9 and he felts me for $307.

He doesn't play another hand. He says nothing, picks up his chips and goes straight to the cage.

THIS is the worst play a live player in a casino can make., because 99% are at least decent even if they are losing players, and everyone knows the hand rankings. Top top, you're never EVER good there. Nice job on him on what I see as a very professional, and actually a very intuitive acting job the whole way.

You know what I'll run into more and more when/if I make it to Vegas doing this?

Guys like that - but I'm sure oh so much more extreme.

I got played the FUCK out.


reno cool

leave well enough alone
3bet? You mean you bet he raised and you reraised? Yes overvaluing top pair is the biggest mistake new players to no limit make. The guy doesn't have to be a sharp to trap you there. Almost any regular will do. Especially if you're known to be tight and overly aggressive with your starting hands.

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Yeah man, total bush league on my part. Really disappointed myself there, no idea where that even came from tbh. Wtf?

But shit man, can't change the past.


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Headed in for what should be a rigid 5 day stretch here. Earnings are in the green but stagnant in March and we need to push it up several notches, they have a high hand special that is unreal Thursdays, Fri's and Sat's, we are talking $1500 high hand periods in 20 minute periods in some cases :ohmy:.

Clicked with this woman on Zoosk last night, very fluid conversation - she spoke to me first. Interesting person - travels the world, no kids (the rest have them), just finished writing a novel. Only goes to the casino for fun which is something I'll never understand. Decent looking. Wants to grab a drink. A couple of others would probably hang out but they have kids at home and honestly I think that at this point is a disqualifier for me.

However I know she won't want to (might out of pity) go see Cage the Elephant, KOL or Highly Suspect with me and my soul knows that she's a better fit for Muddy.

Actually nervous about meeting her despite my recent North Face jacket and cheap polo purchases preparing for said meetups..

What if I fart?

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Fucking disaster today was the result but It's whatever, this is probably more of a vent than anything but ok it starts out on a tight table, I make a nice call on an ok player with QQ and I'm bumped up a hundo so so far so good.

I decided that table was dead so I decide to change tables.

Here's the play that started things.

I had $500 or so.

Background on this table is I came in, knew none of them and it was a lot of action.

KK in the hole (suits irrelevant). Seat 6 has 8 has about $225 and raises to $25, Seat 1 (about $375) reraises to $50. I tank it and raise to $115.

They both flat, Seat. Seat 1 hesitates before he flats.

Low board, both check. I tank and bet what $165 to isolate Seat 6 and scare off seat 1. Seat 6 snap calls, Seat one really tanks it and calls.

Turn is a brick.

I blast all in, seat 1 insta calls.

Yup, you guessed it, I just blasted Kings into Aces while making the right play in isolating Queens.

The part that spooks me is I thought Aces for Seat 1 in the first round of betting. But he did such a good job of not looking me in the eyes, shaking, and everything else that I couldn't put him on them. Looks like he's read those books too.

I congratulated him on the acting job, that I couldn't tell if it was fear or adrenaline, and told him it was straight out of my book. He says "I'm sure you'll get it back" and I say " who knows, I might." I love his line about me possibly getting it back. HE is classic and pro, and I will reuse that line.

So alright I try to look back on every play, calculate anything wrong that I did and go from there.

I see nothing wrong with this play, I can't find it.

Then it goes sour. I never said I had KK on that hand and for all those guys knew I was some moron going nuts so I decided to make a play on the guy that is straddling all my BB's with 27 off just so I can show the table. he flats my raise, low board including a 2 and I bladt. He tanks for like 2 minutes and calls, QQ and he felts me. He later leaves with about $2k.

So we reload and actually make a great read with 10 10 on a low board, dude had a busted AK and caught his king on the river.

A few position steal attempts that also backfired.

So, aside from throwing $300 into the garbage on tilt I can't find much wrong with the session. But yes, that play was ridiculous. I only wanted to win it, show the table 27 off and based on the KK muck draw action for a monster.

BIG hit on the ego. Massively miscalculated.

The one thing cool about local friends is that I was just like I don't know how things went this south, for once I'm going to surrender and get real drunk which I'm not yet but am on my way to being right now.

That was five small profitable sessions before that, and more than twice that blown in one session.

That's absurd.

Big high hands coming up, I calculated it and I hit one of them once in every 11 sessions, almost exactly actually.

Here's the number I don't like. A dealer that is quite cool that I was a real dick to for no good reason at all told me that when he played, he was about an 80% winner. My ass is about 62%.. We get each other.

He's good I'm not good enough yet. He had other reasons for leaving the game which I respect, and I know he's shooting straight.

So hey Steve -

Keep that ego in check ok? Just because you run good for a decent portion of a week does not mean you're Neagranu on speed (which I'm sure he'd never do).

Some numbers might be off in this post and for that I apologize.

I'm actually realigning my perceptions about myself and poker as we speak.

That woman I told you guys about is going to call me today and see if we want to meet and greet and so I'm nervous about that as well. Could be cool, idk. All I know is I'm not going to be a dick.

It'll be a fun thing to take me away from that total mindfuck of a session, I do know that.

I aim to just make her feel alright and go from there because actually that would make me feel alright..

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What that actually is, in my opinion, from some clear errors is a very decent kick in the nuts.

So, whoever said we were playing softball?

It's like Tim Wakefield just pitched fifty knuckleballs into your face.

Then, Roger Clemens in his prime just threw you a fastball right in your face.

So THAT'S what you that hardball was.

Alright then then.

My intuition on that brilliant gentleman was initially brilliant. We'were both great and I know it.

Do very much respect the house, true for life but running out of feel out here.

No dig. When I thin it's a dig, it's yet just another soft stab in the back.

And so I don't think it's fair.


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Sorry guys.

Really drunk.

That's gambolling steam and all that. Yeah I fucked up. Then they did. Then I did some more. Then some more. And some more.

True that.

But honestly I will win in the end. Get married and be happy that I somehow pulled it off.

Lose tilt in soul - cool life that we have time and space to do it.

Make this a cool story in the end which I swore would happen.

About right.

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God dammit that girl is actually cool.

But I didn't stop by to talk.

I stopped by for money.

Mark My FUCKING words.

See you in Vegas, Casp.




Pics of new tat to follow.

max headroom

My words to make it to Vegas so I can switch from poker venue to poker venue where everyone I'm playing against doesn't know how I play, and to chill w Casp or whoever if they're down at that time.

I blame 24 beers after losing $1,213 on that point not being clear, sorry about that.