Gamelive poker talk

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Let's make this work.

And by let's I mean it's time for me to show you how I made it work (in a few months).

I guess I accomplished total personal freedom for one.

Go Dammit. Go back to Matty's Guitar thread righ tnow.

I'm just catching up.

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This so fucking lame compared to the entire site.

and I don't want to look at this in the morning.

But honestly if I can do this right, it can make everyone happy. So let's eliminate all bullshit and get back to math.

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I guess music has become part of this blog.

I want to feel good in the drunk shape I am right now.

This makes me feel good.


I need to feel good.

To feel great.

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Don't feel sorry for me Brother Rogie. I'm still free and living alright.

Sure my aces got cracked but over $300 in tilty mistakes is absolutely fucking insane, and it would have been much worse if I didn't catch a very lucky river.

So, let's see what we can do to get things back on track to be a shark instead of a fucking donk.



Toe Toucher
Can't wait for the nationally televised event.
Haha. Don't get too excited. For one, it's going to be all in French, and it's just an online video for now. It'll only become a TV ad if I win the entrepreneurship award I was shortlisted for. Which I'm not supposed to talk about.

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I reread 38 times and still have the same question. Whatever, hope it works out.

Now wtf is this bitcoin shit.

Blah, blah, blah. When I win, how quickly do I see benjamins.

That's all I need to know.