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Gamelive Food Pairings

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Drama Moobs Your Mom
Aug 3, 2010
What I’m eating w my Gamelive family

@Vegas Dave -Bison burgers on low carb bun with a Premier Protein chaser

@roguejuror Aroz Com Pollo w a craft beer

@tullamore Single Malt Scotch and pussy

@Tron a sandwich from a famous NYC deli and bourbon

@stevek Every single 7/11 item that is on a roller and a Slurpee

@Blitty sushi and sakebombs

@MrMonkey Swordfish and a Cabernet

@Dingo Any meat grilled w a six pack of a good domestic beer

@Matty It’s our cheat day so we are having pizza. Deep dish just to fuck with each others minds. Bourbon for dessert

@Shortstop Hebrew National Hot Dogs and pre 2023 Bud Light

@mcbaseball10 Something high protein. Feeling Sockeye Salmon w mashed sweet potatoes. We are drinking wine

@kato we are doing Ethiopian just because I have NO idea what this cat likes food wise

@Teela hamburgers over a campfire. Water to drink.

@Archie Pizza and wings. Deep Dish. Beer. Maybe a Chicago style hot dog
speaking of I want to have In n Out with @Matty, again

I want to have a seafood soup with that soupbone @Dingo and his native friend, I'll bring some chayotes

I want to have some gallo pinto and nacatamal with @mcbaseball10 in Matagalpa

I want my pops @MrMonkey to take me to the nudey bar again so the waitress can bring the ketchup in her bra, again

I want to have a feijoada with @Boner_18 and his brazilian maid, maybe he could lend us the keys to that empty house that almost got robbed

I want to have tacos with @Blitty again, that vato is more mexican than mexicans and knows the good spots

I want to eat @Vegas Dave 's lovable cheeks with kisses and pinches and comb his beard and help him tie his tie when he marries his catracha