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Gamelive Food Pairings

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I think I’d make a good homosexual. I have good taste in clothing (even though I can’t afford it). I like Broadway musicals. I’m a good cook. I try to stay fit and I shave all my body hair. I’ve owned the Village People on vinyl. I’ve been to the NYC Gay Parade multiple times. I wore earrings in “wrong” ear in the late 80s.

Yeah, I’d hold my own

I am NOT banned from 711!

Oh I'm also banned from whole foods in Northern Liberties because they said I stole something but they wouldn't say what.

If I were to rate the bannings from best to worst I'd put Planet Fitness the best as I met some cool people with my vodka party in the locker room.

Worst would be CVS....Got 302'd and woke up all bruised up and missing my headphones.

Man do I miss my headphones.

How is DD Girl?