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-Did you play the piano at summer camp?
-No. There was a keyboard in the cafeteria but a bunch of kids were always crowding it.
-Ah. Lots of piano players at camp eh?
-I wouldn't call them piano players.

OH SNAP :lolpanda:
Did you know it was going to be like that?
Yeah. We could opt out and send her to the white school, all the other kids in the neighborhood did that. It's half and half mostly for the brown browns to learn English but we figure it works both ways. Guess we're the only people in the neighborhood with enough white guilt (or self righteous smugness) to follow through.
So straight from the daycare ex-convicts to a mini Tijuana prison?

Seems like a solid strategy.
Being able to interact with, and relate to the poors is a useful skill. Go Bea.
JL has been in French immersion since junior K. 4th grade is the first year they actually have English classes.