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Teach him to do U2 covers, start with U2 Boy. 22 Grammies, in case you forgot.
Still at my Mom's. We all went to visit my uncle for a couple days. My Mom was worried about her pet fish before we left because he was suddenly less active.

We came back about an hour ago and my Mom went straight to the aquarium to check on her fish. She came back and said:

-Well, he's not dead but he's not moving.


It took four of us a good 2 minutes of staring at it before we realized it was belly up.

-Yeah, he's upside down. -JL, looking at the fish with his head sideways :handshake:

I'm told his name was Jerry.

A funeral box is being made for Jerry because my Mom refuses to bury him at sea (i.e. flush him down the 🚽)
I want Bea to take piano. Too lazy to coordinate it...
Find her a Zoom teacher. All I need to do is pay the teacher once a month at this point.
That’s very impressive with only 2 years of training