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I think Barry Gibb is in the top 5 pop music songwriters of all time.
I love a certain person you all know.

I like hundred dollar bills but hate fifty dollar bills.

I’ll eat a White Castle burger over lobster

I like girls with a full tuft of hair above their pussy lips but not encompassing it

I like spiked seltzer drinks

I like flavored coffee

I like shaving my balls more than my face
I for sure thought it was going to be Shorty for Casper.

I like boy bands.
Haha! I went to a Mani -Pedi with a woman I was dating a few years ago. She asked me if I wanted to get in the chair next to her and get one. For some reason I declined. Wish I would have…
kinda - except pate texture

pretty foul

Haha! Funny you say that.

I have two male cats currently. It
all stemmed from my ex-fiancé. She is the reason I love these guys. Such awesome pets! Glad she’s gone, but I do miss her at times.

Anyway, my boys don’t care for the pate’

Amazon was awesome and refunded me for a box that they wrongly sent …
Lmao, that group has given me so many good laughs man.

- I don't like crunchy foods and I avoid them as much as I can

- sometimes I choke on water

- ever since I came back from Europe last year, besides consumables I haven't bought much of anything and all of my life possessions fit in a suitcase and a laptop backpack, people think I'm going through a rough time
I actually enjoy doing laundry ...