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I thought the movie Rush (the one about Lauda and F1, not the other one) was great. I remember when it was over I had to start googling because I couldn't believe it was true and I wanted to determine just how much bullshit I had just witnessed.

Not much bullshit at all. Amazing true story.


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The pics of him addressing the press right before his comeback the same season - they're pretty gross.


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1974 was a BIG year for the Dodgers and enjoyed it LOTS though they lost to Reggie Jackson and A's in the WS! Looked it up, Steve Garvey was MVP and Jimmy Wynn the "Toy Cannon" finished 5th in the voting. And Billy Buck played LF with no regard for his body!

He died after a long battle with Lewy body dementia, Buckner's family said in a statement. The disease causes Alzheimer's-like symptoms along with movement and other problems.




Leave everything to me!
NEW YORK -- In the latest embarrassment for the New York Mets, the team has publicly apologized to two living members of its 1969 World Series championship team who were included in a video montage of dead players during the 50th anniversary celebration.

We need a Celebrity Alive Pool Thread


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A celebrity in all the wrong ways, Robert Mugabe.

There will certainly be no place in heaven for what this monster did...


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I knew Ric as Weezer's producer on the Blue and Green albums. That's quite the legacy right there.

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Showing how old I am, I remember when MTV debuted and Cars videos were on constant rotation. “You Might Think” won the 1st Best Video Award If I remember correctly.

I also remember walking in the Lower East Side in NYC 30 years ago and seeing him and his supermodel wife. Guy was 6ft 4, but honestly looked 6ft 7 to me. Skinny as fuck, but that aura of rock star was all over him.