Bitcoin-based online gambling

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Lots of folks who have never bought BTC or dumped it during the last bear run have been asking me this.

My totally non-pro opinion is $39K
thanks brother. trust all is well with you and yours.
I found the original email receipts I got when I bought my first BTC @ around CA$10-15 each. Here's the very first one:

Are you sure it wasn’t before that, Matt?

I met a random online dude at Starbucks in Barcelona, and gave him cash for btc swap. I think it was closer to $20 per at that time.

Roughly June 2012. And I recall we made a few trades afterwards.
Yeah, those are just the oldest emails I can find. I know you and I bought in the single digit range a bit before that.

I like to torture myself.
He'll do 7 in a country club like setting.

First time offender. He'll say he had a drinking/pill problem and that will cut another year off.
He'll do 7 in a country club like setting.
Honestly, I know most of them get a big fine ..... but wish they would take as much MONEY as possible living on a merger amount that they have to start all over again.

Boner, you might know more than me on this. Do you think him or even others have plenty of cash hidden somewhere when they get out?

Just taking a moment for an annual PSA.
Plommer is a POS scammer and thief. Have no financial dealings with him.
Carry on!