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So, I'm a bit confused. Looking at everybody's results, I produced roughly the same power as the average guy. The organizer himself (guy who's jumping in the first pic) is not a light dude, he weighs around 185lbs (of pure lean muscle, mind you.) I was 195lbs yesterday. So, a bit of a weight penalty. But I pushed 303W over those 28 minutes, whereas Ed (the organizer) had a go at it and pushed 330W, for a time just over 21 minutes. 7 minutes and 10 seconds faster than yours truly. Massive, massive difference. Our power to weight ratios aren't that far off (I did 3.4W/kg while he did 3.9W/kg). 2-3 minutes difference would seem to make sense, but not 7. :dunno:

Some of it is my shitty non-aero position and bike geometry. Some of it is my weight. But 7 minutes is such a large gap.

Ima go back and try it again as I get back on the weight loss bandwagon.


analyze effort 1

analyze effort 2
Mr. Monkey bringing politics into the Big Boys Club thread

Mr. Monkey bringing politics into the Big Boys Club thread

LOL looks who talking about bringing politics into threads. :cheers:

Anyway .....
1. Tell me not a resemblance from these 2 pics ....
beyond facially, look at huge arms and legs!


You give us another person on the planet resembling Matty more from that pic he posted of himself. :bringiton:

2. What lifelong Republican would even respond in the way you did? Like I have stated before, you're a fugazi BIG TIME politically! :grin:
Yeah no, Hunter Biden (or anything political for that matter) ever crossed my mind when I saw a photo of Matty on his bike at a race
I have tiny arms. Legs are beefy though.

I kinda get the Hunter Biden thing.
matty rain fvck you
So the faces have absolutely no resemblance of any kind? Matty, sincere apologies if that hit a nerve? You're nothing like that POS Hunter inside!