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I’m gonna be the mountain bike snob and say a buncha stuff you probably already know but I want you to feel the joys of mountain biking so:

Those wheels are very small for mountain biking. 27.5 is fine and 29’s are ideal for going over big things

I’m worried that no rear suspension and garbage front suspension will keep you from having a pleasurable mountain biking experience and then you’ll give up on it.

And you’ll have to invest in SPD’s anyway after you chuck the pedals. Have you looked for used full suspensions in the $600-$800 range?
I have SPD shoes and pedals already. I'm just having fun with this thing right now, no plans to spend any money on MTB stuff. It's a 2-3 times a year type of thing.

There's a jump park/pump track near my place if I want to work on this stuff.

My brother in law wants to sell me a 2022 Marin San Quentin 1 (27.5" hardtail). I rode it on some technical trails, was too scared to push it, didn't get a good feel for it. It felt super heavy, even heavier than this dept store special Mongoose.

Curious to try a full suspension but there's nothing even remotely close to that price point here.
Tron: Oh someone gave you a free Toyota Camry.. Have you considered going out and buying a Lamborghini?

Lol. I kid.

I know I’m dumb. I get it.

But Lamborghini isn’t the best example to use. A Lamborghini bike is like a $7,000 carbon fiber Yeti. I suggested a $700 ish used bike.
This is a Lambo-ish mountain bike:

Yeti Cycles
I love that color. I want a 911 S that color
If I was in a position to throw big money at a bicycle, I would get a Canyon Aeroad CFR with Di2 electronic shifting. $11,799 Canadian

Canyon Aeroad CFR

Canyon Aeroad CFR closeup

I was told at the hospital not to do anything over 10 lbs for 4 weeks or I could face paralysis.

They gave me this collar, I took it off because it sucks. Shouldn't be risking paralysis though. I really dont agree that I am but they know stuff, not my dumb ass,

I am back in Philly, Will and I are friends now. We drank last night and it was fun. Some guy was doing voodoo and it was awesome. The girls were amazing.

Just about ran out of money end ebt. Pokerstars will have just about $800 in my account in 3-10 business days, then I can get a haircut and a job, or two. Hopefully sales and/or management. Remote recruiter/remote notary closing agent would be awesome. Everyone wants those jobs.

I got prescribed Abilify for the Bipolar, and a lot of other prescriptions that I have to find and fill.

Somehow I lost my main phone, my good guitar hat. my shirt, my sunglasses.

Sorry I haven't been around, moving and cleaning.

Guitar and computers were gone but now they're back.

Miss the heck outta Cherry Hill but shit, my benefits are PA only so Philly it is.

Watched amazing lesbo wresting this morning and some silly lesbo bullying. All so hot.

Guitar sounds good, I need a nail clipper. Lost phone has software on it to get in my rental so I am dependent on Will, who likes to sleep a lot.

I plan on fully learning Spanish soon, and then probably getting a bilingual job.

Love you guys so much, and hope you've been well.

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yeah losing weight too fast can cause nerve damage, enough damage and comes paralyses

happens a lot with the fat people that rubber band their stomachs or with malnutrition kids in famine africa

73 lbs in 4 weeks was too much

stevie you can lose everything and survive the streets again but don't lose your health man, that's the line you can't return from
was that the real reason or was there some trauma/accident? I assumed that when the hospital and provided collar were mentioned.
What is this"

I can't even find the collar.

I;m drinking a fucking pabst and listening ti Modest FUCKING Mouse,