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What's up with gym guys wearing sports bras?


soccer players too

yall seen that?

does it help
Really want the temperatures to come down.

90's next week here... Glad the pool is still open!

I have to cut the grass and do some other yard work.

Home ownership sucks!
Going to ride my bike with/against a bunch of retired olympic athletes and pros this Sunday. 15kms individual time trial followed by a spirited ~100kms group ride.

Ima get crushed.

LFG :letsgo:
60 for the time trial

Unlimited for the group ride, should be around 100
before predicting your placement, how's your shoulder Matty?
Shoulder's good! I'm able to do pushups now.

Turns out there's only 24 of us signed up for the time trial. I'm starting 2nd. I haven't stalked everyone on Strava, but just based on the course's elevation profile (it's pretty hilly) i'm gonna say I finish 18th or so. I'm too big for hills.
I say we pull a surprise and place top 9

I beat a teenage girl. That's it. 😆 Skinny pricks with fancy bikes, the lot of them.
The "prize" I got seems pretty clear though. 😂 (The girl didn't count - she podiumed because she finished 3rd out of 3 women, lol)

redhill carwash consolation prize

$20 at an out-of-town car wash


So around 8am this morning, I met up with a bunch of guys at a downtown Hamilton coffee shop which is about 12mi/20km from start/finish line of the race, and it was immediately clear that I was gonna get crushed. Everyone had fancy aero helmets and $10k+ bikes. (I'm not using that as an excuse - fancy gear can buy you maybe 45 seconds to a minute on a 10mi time trial, and I was about 3 mins slower than the average time of 25 mins and change.)

Anyhoo, I start chatting with the guy next to me during the pre-ride:

-That's a nice Cannondale you got there. How much was that if you don't mind me asking?
-Around $12k.
-😬 I assume you're a habitual racer?
-Yeah, mostly gravel though. I did Paris to Ancaster earlier this year, you know about it?
-Yeah yeah. Huge turnout there, eh?
-Yeah about 2000 riders this year.
-How did you do?
-Heh! Not bad, I finished 11th.

Bit out of my depth I was there, boys.

Still had fun.
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Damn 3 minutes behind in 15 kms

You were dropping like 12 seconds per km, I will attribute 6 seconds of that due to the bike

I'm still proud of you machu
Thanks Rogatien. To be honest it's the 30 extra pounds of fat that did me in today. The course was a lot hillier than I expected.

Need to go back to starving myself for a few months.

Eating disorders are ok in moderation.