Archibald 2016/2017 NHL Pick thread

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leave well enough alone
so all good things come to an end. ...usually after one day eh Matty. I didn't realize Washington has been such a big favorite. These guys confused the NHL with NBA


Toe Toucher
It's an emotional hedge MrM. If Habs lose at least I win some money. It's just a hunnerd bucks.


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Sports betting God. :pope::pope::pope:
You're still this IMO, don't listen to any envious, jealous talk coming your way!* :bowdown:

You're a pro rock star by day and a pro gambler by night! More or less like what this guy was once, though I think he can at least still dance!

And don't be jealous or envious, thank the regular Gods you can't rock a tutu he no doubt can!** The guy's too pretty! :yes:

*except from MrM!
**not envious or jealous!