Archibald 2016/2017 NHL Pick thread


Toe Toucher
Wish I'd done that MrM. :facepalm: 1-3 with the only winner being the Caps.

Movin' on:

Habs -146
Pens -188
Sharks +112

Common :sparesomecutter:


New Member
Tough losses, Matt.

Think we are all officially washed up.

Need a new hobby.

Can we turn this into a cooking website?

Focus on new gluten-reduced recipes or something.



Toe Toucher
Shut up blittay, we're just going through typical ebbs and flows. We ain't quittin' as long as there's monies in the account. :chickendance:

Sens +106
Leafs +185


SP Nation and I Ruin things

record.... something and something... up high fifty units

nothing tonight

So sweet to live in Chicago today as a Penguins hockey fan with tons of band wagon playoff only watching Blackhawk fans


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Total cheap shot by the Leafs! Deserve to be down a goal! Not a Ovechkin fan but hopefully no ligament damage for him!