Anything that you eat today....journal it here!

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Unidentified piles of sugar and fat


If you pinch your nose while eating one, you can't tell what flavor it is. Try it.

Now THAT is a solid sweet apple. Honeycrisp variant with a sweeter taste. I'm still a McIntosh guy at heart but the Sugar Bee is a nice change of scenery.

8.3 Matty Rains out of a possible 10
A supreme pizza 🍕

Several cheeses 🧀

Black olives, several peppers, pepperoni, sausage and banana onion rings …
Oh, I also had an apple 🍎 earlier …

I throw at least a half dozen out to the deer 🦌 every morning …

Deer 🦌 love apples !!! 🍎
it's always the same deer coming back?
Haha! I don’t know. There are several female, a couple younger and the big buck comes around occasionally …

However, I’ve noticed a lot of new birds around, like dozens of them …
My homemade beans soup, I get a couple bags of beans the raw grains that come in plastic bags not canned or preprocess, i like the "small red" kind it usually says origin of central america usually from el salvador honduras nicaragua cr, i wash them and put them in a big tall pot, in low heat 4 out of 10 full of water, let the water boil down every 20 - 30 minutes the water will get consumed, so keep adding water every time it gets consumed, oh i forgot the only thing i add is garlic powder and salt, repeat the process until 2 or 2 1/2 hours depending how long until the beans are fully soft, once they are easily edible add the last batch of water dont let it consume though just enough to get the bean soup out of it, from 3 or 4 small bags of beans i can get 4 bowls of potent small red beans soup, with enough beans left over that last me 2 weeks for tacos, rice and beans, gallo pinto etc., but the protagonist is the beans soup, strong in iron good for anemic people and when they asked you ooh evil boy why is your incanca so big? you answer because central american beans soup, usually serve it with cheese or lime or sour cream or hot sauce, my favorite is hot sauce, a roguey original recipe

Donut from 711
OJ from 711 (some pulp)
Turkey Hill iced tea (green)
Italian sub from Wawa (toasted w smoked bacon and jalapenos)
Iced tea from Wawa
Jalepeno chips from Wawa

Better food

Glad 711 is around though, especially for vapes
I do love 711 but I ate this one sandwich from there and it went right through me. My ass completely exploded in my pants and it sucked.

Never again.