Anything that you eat today....journal it here!

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6oz Sirloin over spinach and potato hash with a poached egg
Half a bag of gummy bears
2 bottles of expensive orange sports drink mix
The tears of my Owen Sound Strava rivals


32km/h is 20mph 🤝
Bbq ribs
Rice 🍚
Corn on the cob 🌽
Peach iced tea 🍑
Scrambled eggs
Orange juice 🍊
Two cinnamon buns
Chickeñ tenders 🐔
Peach iced tea 🍑
Starbucks capaccino from 711
Jalapeno chips
David's sunflower seeds bbq flavor
Rainbow sprinkled donut from 711 (that's right I chucked the free one then bought one)
Starbucks Frappaccino thing from 711
Tuna sandwich 🥪
Salad w blue cheese dressing (my fav)
Chocolate cake 🍰
Mint iced tea