American Idol Exploits in the name of 'Entertainment'?


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Does anyone else feel that American Idol seems to exploit those who are developmentally delayed/ disabled, mentally ill, or order to provide us with sadistic entertainment?

Sometimes I feel so icky about watching the reaction of the judges when they feel they can make fun of a contestant. Especially Paula--the way she's been snickering at the camera when someone comes in looking unusual makes me cringe...
Is it me..or has this gotten worse this year?


That dude w the stand up bass who covered Ray Charles last night was tight, yo. Can't find a youtube of it though.


My cousin has Down Syndrome and thinks he can sing. We all would just let him belt it out and we would be encouraging just to try to give him some hope. Well he's not a dumb guy so this delusion we encouraged led to him signing up to try out for Idol. We could have made it not happen if he didn't already sign up but since he already did we couldn't see how to talk him out of it.

Well push came to shove and he ended up there. He didn't tell them about his disorder because he hates sympathy, which I admire. He belted out Diana Ross's "Baby Love" and all 3 judges scoughed at him and Steven Tyler, that homoerotic fok actually got mad and cursed at him for "wasting their time". The ride home was a cold and awkward one. he wouldn't say a word, no tears no nothing, just kept staring at nothing.

He ended up going on a rampage in a zoo and killed about 8 monkeys before they busted him, and he is now in jail on felony charges.

I forever hate that show and what they do to these poor people. It is not fair, or justified I still watch though.
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This season is pretty bad. Especially without Cowell. No one gives an honest assessment of the performances.


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yes , and its a good part of entertainment world along with reality facts in it . I like all the patience full participants in it . They are doing well to make it more and and more enjoyable for us .