Who is going to be the next President of the United States?

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I just feel like Trump is going to win again despite all this.

I still thank him for freeing up online poker.

Fuck Bush for jeopardizing it.
Lol. When/how DIDN'T he?
Agreed. I think he has been indifferent towards it? Remember some folks in the poker community being excited about the prospect of him legalizing it at the federal level, but there was never any movement or attempt of that.

He also didn't do anything to fight against it. This wasn't me being a Trump hater, I was genuinely curious if I missed something on this front.
Assume you were joking but clarifying anyway before I get roped into shenanigans 😂
People that are lying/wrong:

All 50 Secretary of states, half of which are trump supporting republicans

Domestic election watchdogs

International election watchdogs

The 110+ consecutive election lawsuits that trump and his allies lost/had dismissed

The multiple election lawsuits the Supreme Court dismissed. (2 justices appointment by Trump)

The dozens of recounts.

The dozens of hand recounts (trump actually lost by larger margins after some of the recounts)

The election audits

The Republican head of cyber security

Common sense.

People who are honest/right:


The my pillow guy.
collective psychosis
sherrif in fulton county trump mugshot

Friendly reminder that privilege is when being treating like everyone else is seen as some sort of punishment or indignity.

This is literally how every other person is treated by the justice system.
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“The Crooked scale with its radical leftist numbers … “