When is New Orleans?

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my parents leave here at around noon on saturday, so i should be there at around 3 or 4 pm


Have to get up at 5:30am tomorrow morning. :xpansive:
Matty, what day you wanna play the video poker Matty?
Bread, what day you wanna play whatever it is you wanna play? :up:
1-liter bottle of Maker's Mark at duty free :greencheck::dance:
Dunno Reno we'll just wing it. No plans are the best plans. Like the X's, we'll just roll up in that mutherfucker.

The majority of the true party arrives today. I hope you old farts didn't do yourselves in already.
flights look like complete shit today, still going to try for today, tomorrow is more of a possibility

can't wait to see you all
she has been looking after me so far this year

I won't make it. My inlaws just left town and this ice storm that caused me to stay home from work doesn't allow me to take today off. Was planning to drive early this morning and be there this afternoon to join the Gamelive celebrations.

I hope you guys have fun and please drive or walk safely.
lol @ the catholic church


Saint Cajetan's feast day is celebrated on August 7. He is known as the patron saint of the unemployed, gamblers, job seekers and good fortune. His remains are in the church of San Paolo Maggiore in Naples; outside the church is Piazza San Gaetano, with a statue of the saint.
We almost had a Pavy sighting??? Goshdarnit. Pavy I woulda got you faded on Hurricanes and Hand Grenades.

Just watched some Preservation Hall musicians perform the best National Anthem I’ve ever heard live from New Orleans at the NCAA hoops final
Just booked my annual Mardis Gras season trip. It’s, in my opinion, the greatest culinary/music city in the US. Nashville a close second. Arriving January 25th.
Enjoy! I (perhaps obviously) can't stand Nola.
It’s ok I still like you. Just slightly less.

No but seriously, it happens.

In some (many cases) a person goes to New Orleans for the first time and eats a beignet and then walks down Bourbon Street drinking a Hurricane and goes “ok” what’s the big deal.

You have to get off Bourbon Street (and out of the French Quarter as well) to see all the amazing little things about New Orleans.

Also if you like very tasty food and you hate New Orleans, you probably haven’t gone to the right restaurants.

I’ll shut up now.