What was your last google search.

Didn’t Bin Laden take responsibility for playing a role in killing 2,977 innocent people?

Fuk em
The Internets say it was kosher as per international humanitarian law. 🤷‍♂️
the legal way would have been to capture and bring him to The Hague and try him in The International Court of Justice or to be brought to NY and try in an American court for the murder of 2,977 innocent people among other charges

let's believe that the Navy Seals/Pentagon reported the correct accounts and the son of Laden resisted and fought back then 🤷‍♂️ oh well, but if they didn't and they went straight to kill him without a chance to surrender or attempt to make an arrest then yeah it was an extrajudicial killing
when is something funny according to south park?

Answer: save your distasteful 9/11 memes until 12/29/23 @Matty. Animal.